I see you, my soul-weary goddess friend. 

Yes, I'm talking to you. 

I know you might never call yourself Goddess. Maybe you even just cringed a little, thinking about all the women of Instagram who seem to be perpetually on the playa, wearing flowing dresses and seeming carefree. 

But, don't worry, that is not what I meant. I am speaking to the power inside of you.  I'm speaking to the inner knowing from which you may have been habitually turning away.  I'm speaking to the part of you who knows that you are not your to-do list.  The part of you that remembers the deep joy of being with yourself.

And you may not see her today.  You may not think that she's the one reading this message. But she's the one I'm talking to.  Because she's brought you here to reawaken herself within you.


What got you here won't get you there 

It's time to lay down the vigilance.

The hard work, the efforting, the self-protection, the midnight miracles that have required every ounce of your reserves. The self-sacrifice that you believe has kept your vision, or your children, or your relationships afloat. These have been the building blocks of the success (and let’s be real, the survival) that you've experienced so far. 

But I see you, and I know that you are tired from doing life that way.  And I know that you can't imagine going through another 30, 40, 50, or 60 years like that. Well...you could imagine it, but then you'd need to take a nap.


There is another way…


I want to invite you into a community of very real women who have decided to commit to rediscovering the greatest versions of themselves. 

They go on to create powerful  projects and lifestyles that change the game of how we live and serve.  They become the poster girls of owning your own worth in romantic relationships.  But the commitment that they make at the start of the game is just to become more of themselves.  

That is who the Goddess is.  She is more of you, revealed to you. Unapologetically.

I'm not gonna lie, this path of relearning you and unlearning everyone else's expectations of you can be a long road ( I mean look how long it took you to arrive at this point).  It's a process of remembering, repeating, and working through. Our 3-year core curriculum reflects the time we know it takes.  And some of us are lifers, because we just can't imagine wanting to go back to play in rooms of women still hidden from themselves. 

But that's a conversation for another time. 

Because where we are always focused is on the now and on just the next right step from here. 

So, I’m inviting you to a beginning…

I invite you to the Year of Love.

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Year of Love is a year-long deep-dive for women and primarily feminine-identified folx into the principles of feminine living. It focuses primarily on restoring the connection to oneself. In the context of a loving community of reflection. It is both a challenge and a coming home.  

The year is organized into four quarters: 

  • Love’s Desire - reclaiming desire as a primary catalyst
  • Love’s Understanding - understanding the masculine + feminine aspects of all that we do
  • Love’s Creation -  beginning to craft the life you want through an understanding of the principles of creation 
  • Love’s Dialogue - a guided conversation with the masculine from a place of self-awareness

It's impossible to really understand the power of these 4 shifts before you've had the experience for yourself.

Year of Love will help you

Uncover what it is that you desire…just because it feels good to desire it.

Reconnect with both your feminine and masculine sides with deeper understanding of how the two interrelate and how you can use them to co-create in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Find more compassion for the Masculine (internally, relationally, and collectively). 

Truly understand and embody the endless power of the Feminine.

Create not just the objects you want in your life but the feelings that you want to have. 

Connect with the wholeness and completeness that comes from knowing yourself deeply.

Let go of things that no longer serve.

Take brave leaps.

Laugh more and let it go more easily. 

Let go of needing to know how to achieve your desires before allowing yourself to have them.

Listen to the tiny voice within that knows exactly how you are to get from here to there, that knows exactly what you need.

Receive the breadcrumbs of clues for your unique path…the perfect puzzle pieces in the perfect time.

The Goddess awakened on the other side of this journey…

...follows the call of her heart and her own inner wisdom above all else (which doesn't make her a jerk, it makes her magnetic to all of life's persistent goodness).

...experiences alignment between her feelings, actions, and beliefs.

...is crafting a bold next chapter of her life that brings her gifts to the world in a sustainable way. 

...is creating her big beautiful life in the Here and Now and not in an endlessly deferred future.

...has all the love she needs, because she is love itself.

She's a full-on grown up. 

She wears what she wants. (She's not wearing flowing linen on the playa unless she wants to be.)

She's unique without having to try to be. 

And she wields wisdom in the world every day in a way that cuts through the fog of our collective darkness and forgetting. 

She's also soft… and receptive…

She is open to love in all forms–from juicy partnership, to self-love, to the loving extension of serving others from a place of fullness and self-resourcedness. 

She shares her gifts with ease and is bathed in the everyday magic that is co-creating with the universe.

She's also creating real, tangible things in the world if that's her calling - businesses, non-profits, land projects, healthy families. 

And that may seem like a far cry from where you are today…

Hyper-competent. Uber-responsible. Internally Exhausted. 

Like me, you know how to make things happen.

You’ve had plenty of experience doing the thing like it’s supposed to be done.

You’ve seen the top of your game.

You likely have the exhaustion to prove it.

You know how to strategize and to prioritize what needs doing.

You know how to defer your own needs to make that happen.

You like being super capable and competent, but you probably also know what I mean when I say “trapped in your competence”. 

You can recognize the unsatisfying smell of obligation.

You want something more.

You want something different.

And it may never have occurred to you that your own Desire is the pathway to all that you want.

You’ve probably got a lot going on. You’re making big things happen, and everywhere you look, you’re in charge of something: a household, a partnership, kids, employees, departments, companies (maybe a company of your own), making your mark in the world as best you can.

You’re trying to keep all the balls in the air amidst making big moves. Secretly, you know you’re feeling exhausted and this path is unsustainable.

You probably made an investment (or a few) in coaching or business support that didn’t bring everything you’d hoped it would. That’s probably because that support, however well-intended, didn’t put you at the center of what you were creating. All the best practices, blueprint systems, and templates in the world can’t make up for you leaning into the unique specificity of your own soul curriculum.

Because what you are creating is also creating you!

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Photo by Summer Hokulani

A little about me (your lead facilitator and cauldron concierge)...

My name is Kianga Ford, and I’m the very real woman behind Love + Freedom Education.  Almost a decade ago now, I walked through the doorway of surrender. Almost accidentally at the time. My life has never been the same. 

At that time, I was a university professor and a fine artist, running one of the top fine arts programs in New York City. I’m now a full-time entrepreneur with a coaching business that focuses on helping men and women to unlock the full potential waiting within each of us. To do that, I help people understand how to master and use the twin forces of creation—masculine and feminine energy. Say what?! Yes, there was a time when I used almost zero feminine energy. Honestly, I'd never even heard anyone talk about the possibility of that. And I was…well…tired.

These days, I’ve built/am building both a business and a life without force or efforting, without exhausting myself with the endless to-do’s and shoulds of my previous lives. I move from what turns me on. I grow my offerings organically, largely from the seat of my intuition.

It’s a sustainable life that I LOVE and that is deeply sourced from a place of feminine power.

I have a PhD (abd) in cultural theory and another graduate degree in fine art. I’m also a certified coach and Orgasmic Meditation trainer. But what really qualifies me to do this work is that I’ve walked the walk in the real world. I’ve leaned into these principles of creation and surrender while caretaking a terminally-ill parent, while navigating the wilds of dating and business-building, while choosing to move across country to a place where I knew almost no one (a few times). What I teach has been forged and clarified many times over by real world challenges. And while I may have an academic background, this is a living practice and not an intellectual theory.

I’ve parlayed decades of work as an artist and educator into a refined expertise in experience and curriculum design. What results is not information. It’s the magic of being able to create a context for you to have your own personal and direct experience with the Principles of Creation. It's not about becoming more like me. It's about becoming more of You.

If you've been waiting for the logistics, here they are:

When is it?

We’ve scheduled the major Year of Love sessions in two distinct time slots. These 2 and a half hour calls happen on the first Sunday and third Wednesday of each active month of the program. We take July off for Integration (trust us, you'll thank us when we get there!). 

Love + Freedom has been an international community since its inception, and we’ve found that offering both a weekday evening and a weekend day is the best way to try and include everyone. Some of our students actually enjoy joining sessions in the wee hours of their nights, because there are no schedule conflicts lol.  It’s our hope that at least one of the session times will work for you. There will be recordings if you aren’t able to make it live (though there’s nothing quite like the magic of gathering together in real time).  

In between, we have robust threads and community groups for ongoing conversation that you can drop into at any time that’s convenient for you. We also have other mentorship and connection opportunities.

The course officially begins on February 21st, 2024. But, you'll join our community the moment you say YES! 

Where does it meet?

All calls will be hosted via Zoom.

There is an optional school-wide in-person retreat in the fall (*the cost of that is not included in YoL tuition).

 Who else will be there? 

Well, the truth is, we don't actually know yet.  But we tend to consistently draw a multi-generational, international, and racially, ethnically, and otherwise diverse group of women. That diversity allows us to truly understand the multifaceted Feminine, in all of her aspects and glory. 

What we know is that we're a great fit for the depth-seekers and people who want to explore big concepts without feeling like they need to conform to a template.  And, quite often, those women are also space holders–teachers, pastors, therapists, coaches, organizers, and intuitives–who need a space of their own to come back to themselves after giving so much to others. It's always a room filled with big hearts and open minds.

How much is it?

The total investment for the year is: $8,800

Early Action Bonus:

- Enroll by January 28th and get our Daycraft Masterclass included. 

Paid-in-Full Bonus:

- Includes (2) 1:1 coaching sessions with me (a $1,288 value).

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Q: Oh my goodness, why are these calls so long? 
A: Think of them more like brunch with your girlfriends and less like a Zoom call with your colleagues. Trust us, you’ll be glad to have the time to unwind and really get to know the other women in the room. They go by in a blink!

Here’s what one student had to say about the timing…

“The PACING of [L+F] conversation is *radical*. Nothing is rushed. There is no sense of "I need this particular result in order to feel this conversation has been worth my time". Everyone is patient with each other, and so we are more patient with ourselves. Everyone takes their sweet-ass time choosing when to speak, and then speaks without a sense of pressure, of fear of taking up too much space. There is time to reflect, to sense, to go inward. And that culture of space and time that [L+F] has is rare, and so so game-changing. Imagine if no one ever rushed to respond. Imagine if we always took our time, and always made space for others to be with us at their own pace. What a different world we would create!” 

-Angie A. 

Q: What If I can't make all the calls? 
A: These sessions are juiciest if you can make them live, but when real life or time zones get in the way, you can catch the recording. We alternate time slots to try to make them most friendly for varied schedules and time zones. But our students in Europe, Africa, and Australia often get so hooked on the conversations that they join us in the middle of their nights. We find their dedication impressive!